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If you are interested, please contact our office and benefit from our offer of used clothing imported from UK and Austria. We especially invite owners of stores of used clothing within the Małopolska and Podkarpacie regions. We offer brand-name clothes that are popular among Polish customers and will sell well in your stores.

While working with our company, you will get a certain uninterrupted supply of high quality products, which will give you the opportunity to build your own brand – as an attractive second-hand clothes store.

We invite all the Customers from the Małopolska and Podkarpacie regions to contact our office and to visit our wholesale used clothing outlet. Our outlet is located in Tarnów, so you can reach us easily from Cracow as well as Rzeszów and Nowy Sącz.

Wilowscy s.c.

Tuchowska 76A,

33-100 Tarnów


664 902 905 – sales

728 302 801 – epresentative

662 067 734

604 098 431

email:  wiluwg@gmail.com


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday:

8.00 am – 4.00 pm


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